Schedule for 2011 Heritage Film Festival

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films & filmmakers

 friday - 8 april 2011 - 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. 


Alexander Knoll: Cueb                                     1.5 mins

A space explorer is harassed by a magnetic block

monster in an alternate dimension.


Nica James: Six of One: an urban web series

Episode 1:Stalker                                             10 mins


Joshua Scott: The Possession                         11 mins

A woman waits and waits until she figures out what to do.


Zeinabu irene Davis: Co-Motion: Tales of Breastfeeding Women 

This personal essay explores the informational and political issues surrounding breastfeeding.                                24 mins


Alan Haley: The Last Blue Planet (excerpt)   5 mins

                  Flipbook Animation tells the story of a space war.              


Cherie A. Ward:

Lumumba's Playground                              3 mins

This excerpt is part of a pilot for a children's

series  that promotes reading literacy.


Ed Rivera:               

  Moon: Prologue in  Dreams                      6mins                    

What would you do if you were able to bring what

was dead back to life?


Rose Jarvis:

Juan Tamad and the Tikling Birds                              4mins        

An animated short about family and responsibility.


Joyce Wellman: Chris Skinner: Rapper With a Twist 

This portrait of an unconventional rapper shows

his talent and vulnerability.                6 mins


Nica James: Six of One: an urban web series,

Episode 2: Speed Dating                       10 mins


Donald W. West III:This Blows                       1.5 mins

The juxtaposition of naturalistic sound and image gives this experimental animation the feel of an expressionist painting.


Stephen Camardella: Focus                                    2    mins

An inexperienced hiker has trouble capturing

the beauty of nature with his camera.


saturday - 9 april 2011 - 7 p.m.


        Nicky Mula: Into the Deep                                         2.5 mins

An adventurous young boy with an active

imagination awakens a giant squid.


Richard C.Willis/ C.A. Benjamin Associates:                   5 mins

400 Years and an Ocean Apart: Return to Your Roots   

A group of African Americans travels to west Africa

for the first time and receive a warm welcome.


                Cory Parrish: Regret                                            4 mins

A woman regrets her actions after having a conversation with herself.


Nica James: Six of One: an urban web series,

Episode 3:Eye Candy                                                                          10mins


Brian D. Bullock: Matters of the Mind: Three Stories of Dealing With Mental Illness 

A documentary addressing and debunking mental illness myths.        35mins


Chrystin Adia Garland: Mon Monde                                                 2:30mins

Two separated childhood lovers must travel through time,

only to be reunited in old age.


Nica James: Six of One: an urban web series

Episode 4: Internet Dating                                                                                    10mins


Sumi Garcia: Simulacra                                                                      12 mins

A woman discovers her feelings and her true reflection in her dreams.


Chris Lynn: Reading Dream Within A Dream        12mins

Shot in France, this experimental video is a visual

interpretation of Poe's poem, "Dream."


saturday - 9 april 2011- 2 p.m. - student program


Kathleen McGlew's Students/ Eleanor Roosevelt H.S.

Bullying: a Documentary  3.5 mins

Gospel Music: A High School Perspective: 10 mins

Teen Dating & Doomestic Violence: 2 min PSA

Greenbelt, Maryland/


Samantha Boyd's students

First Love 9 mins

A Global Look at Pollution 4:11 mins

Bullying in School  4:31  mins

Recycle Man  3:07  mins

Wide Angle Youth Media & Baltimore Speaks out


Omar DeBrew: My Procrastination 3 mins

Dawnette Samuels: A War Story  3 mins

Brandan Brown: Tapestry of Hope  3 mins

Prince George's Community College/


Cheri Gaulke's Students

Molly Cinnamon:   Cut  3:35 mins

Jordan Rowe & Alec Winshel: Ted à Ted   8 mins

Miranda Kasher & Molly Cinnamon:  See 3 mins

Harvard-Westlake School, Studio City, California


Jazmine Rogers & Tajh Savery

Best of Beat Ya Feet  4:40 mins

Don't Blink Productions

Fairmont Heights High School


Savannah College of Art & Design (Georgia)


Mister Geo's Animation Classes

Greenbelt, Maryland


Panel Discussion & Reception with the Directors After Each Program

Admission is free. However, we encourage you to bring a non-perishable food item.  All collected food will be donated to a local food pantry, the PregnancyAid Center.  


This program is sponsored by The Liberal Arts Division & The African American Studies Institute At Prince George’s Community College, IN VISIBLE COLORS, Maison de Jacqui and The Prince George’s Arts Council, Additional Support: Chick-Fil-A (Largo & Capitol Heights),  Wegmans, and other local vendors.